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Monday Motivation: 6/5/7

  Happy Monday! Need a little spring pick-me-up? Check out this recap of all the progress our awesome clients have made over the last few weeks! Rob had a great few weeks of training leading up to his Volleyball National Championships, here he is hitting some...

Monday Motivation: 5/1/17

  Happy May! Here are some clips of our clients kicking butt over the last two weeks! Steph tried her hand at the military press and hit 25kg! A great starting point, and we can’t wait to see how much she progresses in the next month!...

Monday Motivation 4/17/17

  Another week, another plethora of amazingness from our members! Brad hit an all time bench press PR with 98kg!   Ashley also hit a PR bench press, for a set of 3, with 50kg!

Monday Motivation 4/3/17

  Another week gone by, another dozen or so personal records smashed! Check out this week’s “Monday Motivation!”   Julie had a goal of deadlifting 125kg, and she surpassed that with this 127kg lift!   Joining the...

Monday Motivation 3/27/17

  It has been said, that time flies when you’re making gains. That must be why we’re already at the end of March in the blink of an eye! Check out this awesome progress from the clients at Arkitect Fitness! First we’d love to give a shout out to Frank, who’s down...

Monday Motivation 2/6/17

  Another Monday is here. Many of you may be feeling a bit tired from staying up late to watch the Super Bowl, but don’t worry, here’s your weekly dose of motivation! Whitney has been working on the classic lifts, and she’s reaching the point where she’s starting...