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Monday Motivation 2/6/17

Monday Motivation 2/6/17

February 6, 2017

Client Awesomeness | Training | Weightlifting


Another Monday is here. Many of you may be feeling a bit tired from staying up late to watch the Super Bowl, but don’t worry, here’s your weekly dose of motivation!

Whitney has been working on the classic lifts, and she’s reaching the point where she’s starting to find her rhythm and timing. Here she is with a PR set of 3 from the hang with 40kg(88lbs)


Although weight loss goals are more common, not everyone is trying to drop LBS. Heather in fact has been training to try to gain weight, in the form of muscle of course, and it’s apparent that’s exactly what’s happening as you can see her shoulder and arm definition starting to shine through.


Drew had himself a great week hitting two PRs in the squat with 70kg, and the bench press with 67kg. Up from 60kg and 63kg respectively in just a few short weeks.–ZvYgUw3/


Julie hit a huge 5 rep PR on bench press with 50kg. This is over 92% of her 1RM, so we think a new all time best is just around the corner.


Glenn has made his triumphant return to the gym, we’re focusing strictly on softball now. Here he is demoing one of our favorite exercises, the contralateral landmine deadlift! These are awesome for isolating the glute and obliques on one side. Perfect for those who compete in rotational sports.


Ashley’s progress has continued in a steady fashion, and this week is no different. Here she is with a PR power jerk + jerk combo with 40kg(88lbs), PR Double front squat w/67kg(147lbs), and double clean from the blocks with 45kg(99lbs).


Steph has also been making steady progress, here she is with a PR clean double from the blocks with 60kg(132lbs)


And Mackenzie’s strength continues to climb during this hypertrophy phase, even as she is cutting weight. Check out this set of 10 on back squats with nearly 300lbs, and a set of 10 on front squats with 110kg(242lbs)


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