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Monday Motivation 4/17/17

Monday Motivation 4/17/17

April 17, 2017

Client Awesomeness | Uncategorized


Another week, another plethora of amazingness from our members!

Brad hit an all time bench press PR with 98kg!


Ashley also hit a PR bench press, for a set of 3, with 50kg!


Our clients Tiff and Rob squared off in their volleyball league playoffs, with Tiff’s team just barely eeking out a win, 25-23 in a best of 5 match! Here’s Rob showing off the vertical he’s been training for


Coach Katie has been on a new strength program that Tony has concocted, and the gains have been out of control! She has hit PRs in her deadlift every single week for 5 weeks. Here she is with 120kgx6, and 125kgx6!


Cassandra hit this nice 5 rep PR on front squats with 70kg!


Newest Rumbler team member, Chilly McFreeze hit a PR clean with 107kg, only narrowly missing the jerk!


Evan committed to doing his first Weightlifting meet this summer. Here he hits a PR front squat of 145kg in preparation for competition!


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