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Why You Should Consider Competing in Powerlifting

  A few years back, there was a big push to train everyone “like an athlete.” The sentiment of such a statement is great…sometimes “exercise” is boring, but training can be a lot more fun. There is definitely a split in the mindset of these two activities. We...

5 Reasons NOT to Drop Deadlifts from the Top

  There’s a small trend in fitness, usually seen in CrossFit gyms, where someone performing a deadlift may simply drop the bar from the top of the lift. Usually this is done on either a max effort rep, or at the end of a high rep set. We teach our clients and our...

Tempo Training 101

  There are hundreds, if not thousands of variables you can manipulate in training. Most commonly argued discussed on the internet are sets, reps, weight, etc…One variable that is easy to manipulate but often gets overlooked is tempo. Tempo refers to the speed at...

How to use APRE Training

“There is more than one way to bake a cake,” may be the perfect analogy for training. In order to bake a great cake, you must first have the right ingredients, then you must mix them together and put them in the heat of the oven, and at that point, exhibit a good...