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Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program in Concord and Tyngsboro

At Arkitect Fitness, we design all-inclusive, personalized programs that cater to your schedule, fitness level, motivation, and dietary needs. Our weight loss program combines fun, safety, and support with our team of personal wellness coaches who will guide you every step of the way.

Our program’s goals

  • Enhance Overall Well-being
  • Boost Energy Levels and Mood
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Help Prevent Disability and Disease
  • Promote a healthy, yet flexible lifestyle without the need for crash diets, restrictions or unnecessary medications.

Our approach to weight loss is rooted in the belief that there are three main pillars to sustainable success: Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability

We understand that many people have tried different diets and programs in the past, but found it difficult to maintain their results. We believe that it is often because they were missing one of these crucial elements.


Weightatchers may teach you about nutrition and accountability, but lack a fitness component

Beachbody has good fitness and nutrition components but lacks accountability and often ends up being unsustainable by relying heavily on shakes and processed foods.

Personal Training or Group Training programs may be good for fitness and accountability but typically lack nutrition components.

Our program entails making sure you are sustaining all three pillars of health and fitness sustainably. 

Fitness: Here at Arkitect, we will prescribe you the exercises and workout programs that are individualized to you, your goals, injury limitations, and time constraints.  Our programs are overseen by doctors of physical therapy who will make sure you aren’t going backwards with your progress and that you don’t get hurt in the process. 

Nutrition: For optimal weight loss, our coaching and nutrition staff will provide you the perfect combination of proteins, carbs, fats, and micronutrients to optimize fat loss.  Upon your start here as a member you will have a 1:1 consult with one of our nutritionists who will evaluate your current nutrition, create a plan and strategy for you, that will work for you to make sure you can hit your goals.  We will constantly be checking in with you as well to make sure we are going in the right direction.   

Accountability: To make sure you are held accountable to your goals you will also be assigned a personal accountability coach that will be checking in with you daily to make sure you are hitting your daily requirements for your nutrition, fitness, hydration, and daily movement goals.  

Arkitect Fitness will meet you right where you are in your health fitness journey. We’ll help you incorporate exercise into your daily life and teach you how to overcome obstacles that will arise.

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We strive to provide our clients with comprehensive, holistic support that addresses all three pillars of success. Call us today if you are ready to get started on your own weight loss program!

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