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Monday Motivation 3/27/17

  It has been said, that time flies when you’re making gains. That must be why we’re already at the end of March in the blink of an eye! Check out this awesome progress from the clients at Arkitect Fitness! First we’d love to give a shout out to Frank, who’s down...

Is Bad Form Really All That Bad?

  The fitness industry is famous for its conflicting information and underqualified “internet experts,” and few topics within the community are as hotly debated as proper exercise form. “Form is important” a common idiom in the fitness world, but what is “good...

Monday Motivation 3/13/17

  Good morning and happy spring! It’s been a busy few weeks at Arkitect, so much so that we missed last week’s recap of awesomeness! Buckle in, because this is going to be an action packed edition! Training with us to improve her running for marathons and beyond,...