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Injury Prevention: Why Warming Up Before Exercise Is Important

Are you an active individual? Do you love going for casual walks around the park or training for marathons? Is the gym your happy place? Being someone who enjoys exercise — whether recreationally or competitively — staying active is something that’s important to you....

How To Get The Most Out Of Physical Therapy

After going through the process of searching for the right physical therapist — you’ve chosen  Arkitect Fitness and booked your first session. While you may be feeling excited to get started on your journey to recovery – you may not know what to expect. It’s common to...

Strength Training for Golf with Coach Kevin Duffy

Brett Scott  00:01Alright guys, welcome back. Today we’re going to talk about golf. So with me here today I have coach Kevin Duffy. He is a TPI, one two and three, strength coach. So for those golfers you guys should know what that means. That means he’s a pretty...