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Food Friday: Chicken Sausage & Mashed Potatoes

  Last week we featured a delicious meal that featured well rounded macros and whole foods. The one draw back was the preparation time. Today we’re going to cover a macro-friendly meal that is     both simple and quick (10-15 minutes). While it does...

The Gym That Almost Wasn’t…Twice

I feel my phone buzz against my leg, and hear the familiar “bing!” of a notification. I check the screen and it’s an Instagram message. “Hey guys I’m in town for the day and wondering if you do day passes? I really want to check this gym out. I have to deadlift...

Food Friday: Sweet Potato & Egg Hash

  This is one of my go to meals because it has a good amount of carbs, proteins, and fats in it making it really well rounded. On top of that, it’s simple to make, and hard to mess up. Since there is no such thing as a perfect meal, one of the drawbacks is that...