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Monday Motivation 2/27/17

  Today is going to be all about deadlifts! Well not totally, but quite a few of our clients have been smashing deadlift PRs lately.  First up is Young Patrick who was in a devastating motorcycle accident last year. He’s come back with a vengeance, and sets an...

Monday Motivation 2/13/17

  After being reserved all winter long, Mother Nature seems to be squeezing all our snowfall into February! But that doesn’t stop our clients from coming in and kicking @$$. Here’s your weekly dose of motivation! At just 16 years old Liam D. has been on an...

Monday Motivation 2/6/17

  Another Monday is here. Many of you may be feeling a bit tired from staying up late to watch the Super Bowl, but don’t worry, here’s your weekly dose of motivation! Whitney has been working on the classic lifts, and she’s reaching the point where she’s starting...