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How Long Does it take to Get in Shape?

We all want to be sexy, and if we aren’t sexy already, we want to become sexy, immediately. In fact being sexy is seemingly the predominant reason people exercise and “eat right” in the first place. Yet, despite all of us wanting to be sexy, what is sexy to me, and...

Rest: The Forgotten Training Variable

“I need more cardio.” It’s a sentence that will make your strength coach wake up with a cold sweat in the darkest hours of the night. Well, not really, but it is something a lot of coaches are sick of hearing. When my clients approach me with this demand, they often...

Strength: Development vs. Demonstration

I’m about to ruffle a lot of feathers with this one statement: Your maximal strength doesn’t matter. That might seem like a surprising statement coming from the head coach of a strength and conditioning gym that is heavy on the strength part, and of course it’s a...