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Strength Basics: Understanding Maxes

  If you haven’t figured it out by now, strength training is important. In a world dominated by aerobic fitness, strength training is slowly and surely gaining ground, and for good reason: It works! Strength training is great for a lot more than just building...

Client Awesomeness 11/28/16

Despite the short week due to the Holiday, our members kicked @$$ all week! Let’s take a look: Shannon set a nice PR for herself for a set of 10 in the deadlift with this 105kg(231lbs) lift. If you think a set of 10 on deadlift is torture, consider the fact that she...

How to Tell if Your Workout is Working Part 2

  Last year we wrote a short but comprehensive guide on how to make the most of your time in the gym. With fitness popularity at an all time high in America and around the globe, people are spending more time and money on their workouts, so it’s absolutely...

Client Awesomeness 11/21/16

  The gym has been staying busy lately, with soccer and volleyball seasons coming to an end most of our high school athletes are back in the gym training hard in preparation for winter and fall sports. Concord High School track star Grace had mentioned that her...

Functional Failures: The Kettlebell High Pull

  “Functional training,” a buzz phrase that just doesn’t want to go away.  Coined by the physical therapy field as a means to describe helping injured or post-op patients regain their body’s function, the fitness industry pounced on it, polished and packaged it, and...