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Client Success Story: Meghan Harrah

Meghan Harrah is nothing short of an inspiration. She’s one of those people who goes out of her way to make everyone around her feel comfortable and taken care of. She’s also one of the most accomplished people you’ll ever meet. Meghan started with us at Arkitect...

How to Stay Active During the Holidays

The holidays are often a hectic time. Planning activities, decorating, and buying gifts can take up so much energy that staying active often seems like a far-off dream. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. With a few wellness tips in mind, you can incorporate...

How to Adapt Your Exercise for Colder Weather

As we start experiencing the chilly weather of winter or the hot weather of summer, you’ll need to change your exercise routine to match—especially if you’re fond of outdoor workouts. Monitoring the seasonal changes is essential to building healthy habits and...