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Monday Motivation: 6/5/7

Monday Motivation: 6/5/7

June 5, 2017

Client Awesomeness | Uncategorized


Happy Monday! Need a little spring pick-me-up? Check out this recap of all the progress our awesome clients have made over the last few weeks!

Rob had a great few weeks of training leading up to his Volleyball National Championships, here he is hitting some serious PRs, a 32kg weighted pull-up and a 160kg deadlift!


Although Austyn only trains with us through part of the year due to school, he is one of our most dedicated clients. Here he is with PRs in his deadlift (142kg) and his back squat (100kg)!


Jeremy, who grew tired of seeing his wife make all kinds of gains, decided to join our community, and after a single month of training, was able to hit this huge 200kg(440lb) trap bar deadlift!


Brian has been in the gym training hard, and hitting the weights in hotels when he travels for work. His consistency has paid off with this 105kg bench press!


Gunnar shows off an impressive set of weighted push-ups doing 15 reps with 25kg on his back!


Brad sets a new personal best in the deadlift with this 150kg lift!


John tries trap bar deadlifts for the first time and gets this nice PR of 130kg!


Cassandra shows off some impressive core and leg strength with these natural knee extensions!


Most of the Weightlifting team competed at the Robinson Memorial Day Open. Every who competed had great results:

Steph: Comp PR snatch, all time PR C&J, all time PR Total, 1st in her division, qualified for the AO series in the 63kg weight class

Jamie: Tied her comp PR snatch, qualified for the AO series in the master’s 69kg class

Ally: Comp PR snatch, comp PR C&J, comp PR total, qualified for the AO series in the 69kg weight class

Chilly: comp PR snatch, all time PR C&J, comp PR total!

Phil: 2nd in his weight class, all time PR C&J!


Back in the gym the rest of the team continues to make gains! Evan is preparing for his first meet and hit a nice PR snatch of 92kg, surpassing his goal of 91kg a bit early!


Sarah hit a nice back squat PR of 91kg!


Ally hit a PR set of 5 on front squats with 91kg as well as a triple with 94kg and a back squat PR with 121kg!


Kenz hit a personal best front squat of 144kg


Steph hit a PR BTN jerk with 71kg!


That’s it for today. Check back for more next week!




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