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Monday Motivation: 5/1/17

Monday Motivation: 5/1/17

May 1, 2017

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Happy May! Here are some clips of our clients kicking butt over the last two weeks!

Steph tried her hand at the military press and hit 25kg! A great starting point, and we can’t wait to see how much she progresses in the next month!


Whitney hit a nice PR deadlift of 98kg. Almost to that triple digit kilo club!


Duncan went all in on his tabata, using 150% of his body weight! No excuses for this kid!


Jeff hit two PRs, with this 136kg front squat, and 110kg bench press


Rob joined the 200lb club on bench press with this 93kg PR!


Despite having a volleyball game later that evening, Renee and Tiff still gave their workout 100% effort, and they did it in style!


Erin hit a nice PR back squat with this 81kg lift


Ally had a good week, with this 79kg C&J


Ashley hit an impressive 200lb stiff legged deadlift


Sarah hit a PR triple back squat with 82kg


Phil did an impressive set of 5 from the blocks on cleans with 120kg


Steph hit an impressive 68kg C&J


Last but not least, Laura had a fantastic week hitting multiple PRs including a 91kg front squat, 57kg bench press, and a 112kg back squat.


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