Monday Motivation 3/27/17

Monday Motivation 3/27/17

March 27, 2017

Client Awesomeness


It has been said, that time flies when you’re making gains. That must be why we’re already at the end of March in the blink of an eye! Check out this awesome progress from the clients at Arkitect Fitness!

First we’d love to give a shout out to Frank, who’s down 22+ lbs since he started with us in December! He already looks like a new man, and we can’t wait to see how far he can go!


Brad is another client who’s been shedding the bodyfat with our nutrition program, all the while building strength and muscle


Julie has been making constant progress in the gym (as usual). Here she is with a 75kg front squat triple, a PR back squat at 96kg, a PR Bench press at 55kg, and a PR weighted chin-up with 10kg


Becky has been on fire, working on her strength. Here she is with a PR bench press at 40kg


Coach Katie just started a new training block on a APRE program, and she impressed on the first deadlift workout. She did 14 reps with 105kg, followed by a set of 10 with 110kg, only 1kg less than her all time best set of 10!


Coach Kenz has been killing it getting ready for Nationals 2017. Here she is with a PR set of 5 on military press with 58kg, a PR set of 3 on BTN Snatch grip push press with 88kg, and a nice 115kg clean & jerk at a tune-up meet


Steph has been killing it in the gym, here she is with a PR set of 3 on weighted chin-ups, a PR clean at 65kg, and a  PR set of 3 on back squat with 75kg,


Ashley had a huge weekend last week, competing in her first meet ever. She also came away with a PR C&J at 46kg! Later that week she squatted a new max back squat at 86kg!


Sarah also had a great day at the meet hitting a PR C&J at 61kg!


Last but not least, Carly obliterated her all time best back squat of 135, with this new max of 143kg!


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