USAW vs. USAPL: A Tale of Two Sports

USAW and USAPL are the two governing bodies in America of the sport of Weightlifting, and the sport of Powerlifting, respectively. Although there are dozens of federations in Powerlifting, most people would consider USAPL the "gold standard" of the sport. To the casual observer, these sports may seem almost identical. To be sure there are [...]

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AF News August 2019!

This summer is flying by and we have so much news to share with you! August Membership Promotion! First let's talk about the awesome promotion we have going on right now! From 8-5-19 through 9-9-19 you can bring a family member of your choice with you for FREE to workout! They can either do your [...]

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Challenge of The Month: March 2019

We are impressed with the amount of attempts we had for last month's challenge, as well as the weights many of you put up. Nice work! March is officially here, so we would like to announce our new challenge for this month. But first, a rundown of the rules. If you are already familiar, you [...]

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Kodiak Cakes Review: The Best Protein Pancakes?

Two of the most common questions we get when it comes to nutrition are: How do I get more protein in?What should I eat? While the importance of breakfast is definitely over hyped, if you decide to skip the meal (which many people do because of time restraints), it's easy to quickly get behind on [...]

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Monthly Challenges: February

Arkitect Fitness Monthly Challenges We are incredibly excited to announce our upcoming Monthly Challenges for Arkitect Fitness! Each month we will be picking a new feat of physical performance to challenge our members, as well as non members, to compete in. We will be doing our best to program challenges that offer significant difficulty but [...]

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Are Liquid Calories Killing Your Weight Loss?

Years ago I worked with a coach who used to tell clients "juice is a polite way of saying soda, muffin is a polite way of saying cake." In my opinion it was a clever way of explaining that the difference between certain foods being healthy, and others not, is only in our perception. He [...]

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The Nutritional Hierarchy

"I know how to eat, I just have to do it," is a sentiment we often hear from potential or current clients, but in reality many people have absolutely no idea how to eat for their goals. It's not entirely their fault. Our education system has almost zero nutritional curriculum, and the internet is essentially [...]

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Hinge 101: Hacking the Single Leg Deadlift

The single leg deadlift is a fantastic exercise. Not only is it good at building strength in the lower body and ingraining the hinge movement, it also develops single leg stability, is easy on the lower back for those with a history of lower back pain, and helps eliminate imbalances in the lower body. However, [...]

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The Gym That Almost Wasn’t…Twice

I feel my phone buzz against my leg, and hear the familiar "bing!" of a notification. I check the screen and it's an Instagram message. "Hey guys I'm in town for the day and wondering if you do day passes? I really want to check this gym out. I have to deadlift tomorrow and this [...]

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