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“Why Do We Have the Same Program?”

  It’s a quiet afternoon in the gym, probably because it’s hot. There’s only one other person working out right now. You say hi to each other, but you’ve never seen one another before. You’re in that awkward phase where you’ve been training here for a while, but...

How Much Can You Lift?

  “My upper body is so weak compared to my lower body.” It’s a comment we hear from new clients all of the time, particularly women. While it’s true that women tend to excel more with lower body exercises, your upper body isn’t designed to be as strong as your legs...

Arkitect vs. Planet Fitness

  When it comes to selecting a way of getting in shape, you have a lot of options. Fitness is a growing trend in America and across the world, and there are more fitness “solutions” than ever before. As a small “specialty” or “boutique” gym we are often compared...