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Why the Best Deal You Can Get is the One We’re Offering Right Now

  When I first conceptualized the idea of Arkitect Fitness, I did exactly what they tell you to do on page one of every business book ever written: Ask yourself what question your business answers. I took a look around at what was available in the fitness...

Building the Ability to Work Hard

  Without a doubt the number one thing that brings people into our gym is the clips they see online of our most outstanding athletes and clients doing extraordinary things. Whether it’s squatting 500+lbs or 200lb women doing handstands, or girls with six pack...

Let’s stop pretending

For the last 5+ years there has been a trend in the world of physical fitness that started out as a niche, and grown into something that is beyond what most believed it would be. I’m talking about the “functional training” movement. Before we go any further, let’s...