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Do You Need Cardio for Fat Loss?

  It’s a common belief that in order to burn fat, you must do “cardio.” However, science (and experience) proves that to be false, and we have some photos to prove it! In reality, your body is constantly both burning and storing body fat. Over a long period of...

The History of the #BestGymInNH

  Let’s talk about a hashtag. When Arkitect first opened in 2015, some of our clients started using the hashtag “BestgyminNH” when posting about us on social media. Although flattered, I had some hesitations. Afterall, there is no such thing as a perfect gym....

Ripple Milk Review | An Alternative to Fairlife?

  A while back in a Food Friday video, we highlighted a product that our coaches used in their daily nutrition: Fairlife Milk. Fairlife seemed to have it all, great taste, amazing macros, and it was lactose free, which is very important for those among us who...

AF News August 2019!

  This summer is flying by and we have so much news to share with you! August Membership Promotion! First let’s talk about the awesome promotion we have going on right now! From 8-5-19 through 9-9-19 you can bring a family member of your choice with you for FREE...