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Are Liquid Calories Killing Your Weight Loss?

  Years ago I worked with a coach who used to tell clients “juice is a polite way of saying soda, muffin is a polite way of saying cake.” In my opinion it was a clever way of explaining that the difference between certain foods being healthy, and others not, is...

The Nutritional Hierarchy

  “I know how to eat, I just have to do it,” is a sentiment we often hear from potential or current clients, but in reality many people have absolutely no idea how to eat for their goals. It’s not entirely their fault. Our education system has almost zero...

Hinge 101: Hacking the Single Leg Deadlift

The single leg deadlift is a fantastic exercise. Not only is it good at building strength in the lower body and ingraining the hinge movement, it also develops single leg stability, is easy on the lower back for those with a history of lower back pain, and helps...