Monday Motivation 4/3/17

Monday Motivation 4/3/17

April 3, 2017

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Another week gone by, another dozen or so personal records smashed! Check out this week’s “Monday Motivation!”


Julie had a goal of deadlifting 125kg, and she surpassed that with this 127kg lift!


Joining the deadlift party coach Katie set this new personal best in the sumo deadlift for a set of 2 with 120kg


Erin set herself an all time PR in the back squat with 80kg lift!


Also hitting an all time best on squats was Cassandra, with this 106kg lift!


And #YoungPatrick hit a new best with 113kg, which is impressive considering a nasty motorcycle accident landed him in the hospital last year!


Coach Kenz had a great week hitting this PR back squat of 167kgx3!


Sarah has also been working on her leg strength and it’s been paying off. Here she is with a 75kg squat triple.


And last but not least, Steph took a big step toward that 200lb mark in the squat with this 87kg lift! 



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