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A Practical Approach to Nutrition

  Nutrition, like fitness, is a heavy swamp to wade through, particularly if you’re going it on your own. There are so many different approaches, techniques, diets, “lifestyles” and so much contradictory information, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, confused, and...

The Arkitect Philosophy

‘ A few weeks ago a friend of a friend reached out to us interested in having us write a program for her sports training. She asked what our training philosophies were and while the question is completely understandable, it caught me off guard. I’ve never really...

How to Tell if Your Workout is Working

It sounds crazy, but many people plod into the gym day in and day out, week after week, year after year, doing mostly the same thing. We are creatures of habit, and having the habit of exercising falls under the “good job” column, but nothing nothing breaks a coach’s...

Do You Have Exercise ADD?

  Science has taught us a lot about the human body and how to make it better, stronger, leaner, more muscular, more explosive, more durable. The best fitness and nutrition programs are heavily rooted in science, and are garnished with a bit of creativity,...