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Hormone Replacement Therapy – For Men and Women

There is a big stigma and a lot of misunderstandings about HRT and testosterone You’re gonna have roid rage It’s dangerous and can lead to a heart attack or stroke Your going to have hair growing out of your eyeballs Your voice will change You’ll lose your nuts, you...

What Does “Active Rest” Mean?

Do you work out? If so, how often do you exercise? Whether you’re trying to lose weight or get buff, working for your health or confidence, you may be in a rush to see results. You may think working out all days of the week, pushing every muscle to the absolute limit,...

Returning to Sport from an ACL Injury with Dr. Steph Allen DPT, OCS

Brett Scott  00:01 All right, everybody. There’s another episode of the barbell therapy podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Brett Scott. And with me here today is Dr. Steph Allen. I’ve known Steph for a long time, and she has become quite the expert in ACL rehab. And there’s...

Physical Therapy for Carpal Tunnel

You likely use your hands for most daily activities. If you have a hand condition like carpal tunnel syndrome, it may not be easy to look after yourself, your home, and others in your care. Whether you’re interested in learning more about CTS or a physical therapy...