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Why You Should Consider Competing in Powerlifting

  A few years back, there was a big push to train everyone “like an athlete.” The sentiment of such a statement is great…sometimes “exercise” is boring, but training can be a lot more fun. There is definitely a split in the mindset of these two activities. We...

The Arkitect Fitness Gym Rules

  Like most gyms, we have rules. Unlike other gyms like planet fitness that we won’t name, we don’t have silly rules like “no jugs of water.” Instead our rules are created to do three things: Make sure you get the best results possible Make sure you stay safe...

Mindset Monday: What a Veteran Can Teach Us About Life and The Gym

  In high school my good friend Emily met a guy from a rival school, and the two began to date. Everyone in our “click” hated that every time we tried to make plans, she was off with her boyfriend from “that school.” Although none of us knew Nick, we all disliked...

AF November News Letter!

  Happy November! Here is our monthly news! Happy November! Here are your monthly updates! Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule: Wednesday Nov-27: AM Coaching Only Thursday Nov-28-Sunday Dec 1: No Coaching Monday Dec-2: Return to normal Hours Upcoming Events: 3rd annual...