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Monday Motivation 2/27/17

Monday Motivation 2/27/17

February 27, 2017



Today is going to be all about deadlifts! Well not totally, but quite a few of our clients have been smashing deadlift PRs lately. 

First up is Young Patrick who was in a devastating motorcycle accident last year. He’s come back with a vengeance, and sets an all time personal best with 134kg!


Liam hit a huge 3 rep per with this monstrous 175kg deadlift, which is 96% of his 1Rm!


Julie made this 3 rep PR look easy with 108kg


And Steph and Ally wanted in on the action, with Steph doing a double bodyweight lift with 116kg, and Ally setting a 10kg PR with 130kg


And last but certainly not least, Carly hit this 140kg set of 5 for a new 5 rep max.


Ally also hit a PR double in the clean from blocks with 72kg


And Ashley hit another PR set of 10 in the back squat with 66kg, and then later with 68kg!


The Weightlifting team had a great showing at the 2017 Atlantic State Open, with everyone hitting some sort of personal record. Mackenzie also won best lifter!


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