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Monday Motivation 2/13/17

Monday Motivation 2/13/17

February 13, 2017



After being reserved all winter long, Mother Nature seems to be squeezing all our snowfall into February! But that doesn’t stop our clients from coming in and kicking @$$. Here’s your weekly dose of motivation!

At just 16 years old Liam D. has been on an absolute tear in the gym. He’s been making all kinds of strength gains after a very short strength cycle to give him some reserve power for the upcoming track and field season. Here he is with a 160kg(352lbs) deadlift for 5 reps, and a 145kg(319lbs) squat for 2!


Julie didn’t want Liam to be the only one setting deadlift PRs, so she cranked out 100kg(220lbs) for a triple!


Steph has been making all kinds of crazy gains in the gym, and her friends got jealous! So jealous, they decided to sign up, which earned her cold hard cash!



Miller has been making awesome progress in her squats, here she is with 95kg(209lbs) for a triple!


Ashley’s progress continues upward in a steady fashion, here she is with a PR back squat of 80kg(176bs)!


Jamie’s progress has been impressive as she gets ready to compete for the first time as a master’s age athlete. Here she is with a PR back squat of 85kg(187lb) for 5 reps!


Kenz finishes out her training of sets of 10 on the squat, with this massive 140kg(308lbs) back squat, and a failed attempt at 115lbs(253lbs) in the front squat, only getting 7 reps. Still an all time best for her!


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