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Monday Motivation 3/13/17

Monday Motivation 3/13/17

March 13, 2017



Good morning and happy spring! It’s been a busy few weeks at Arkitect, so much so that we missed last week’s recap of awesomeness! Buckle in, because this is going to be an action packed edition!

Training with us to improve her running for marathons and beyond, Becky has been working on her maximal strength, and it’s been paying off. Here she is with new personal best in the deadlift with 70kg(154lbs)


Coach Katie has been working on everyone’s favorite, high rep front squats! (note: sarcasm). Here she is with 70kg(154lbs) for a set of 10!


After seeing his younger brother squat 145kg(319lbs) for a double, Evan had to show that was still top dog. Here he is with a set of 5 at the same weight.


It had been a while since Erin had deadlifting in her program, so we maxed her out to see where she was at, and she came away with a new personal best of 95kg(209lbs)!


Whitney has been killing it in the gym lately, and has improved her strength a ton since she started at Arkitect. Here she is with a new personal best in the front squat with 67kg(147lbs)!


Julie has hit yet another personal best in the deadlift for a triple, this time with 112kg(246lbs). This is about 93% of her 1 rep max! She also has been making quite a bit of upper body progress as well, here she is with a new personal best in the incline bench press!


Drew has been making all kinds of gains as well, here he is with a personal best bench press of 73k(161lbs), and a new PR squat with 75kg!


Ally has been hard at work, making a ton of progress on her Weightlifting. Here she is with a PR double in the BTN jerk, and a PR triple in the front squat.


After suffering a nasty concussion, Carly is back in the gym with a vengeance hitting all kinds of PRs.


As always, Ashley continues to make progress weekly. Here she is with a PR squat for 5 with 73kg, which is 91% of her 1 rep max!


Coach Kenz has been crushing PRs despite on a hard cut right now (she’s lost over 6kg already). Here she is with some presses and squats.


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