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Coach’s Couch Episode 2: Weight Loss Expert and Cancer Survivor Ben Dearman

Coachs Couch Episode 2 Ben Dearman

I’ve known Ben for over 10 years. We met through a mutual acquaintance at a Jason C. Brown Kettlebell Athletics certification, and ever since then we’ve been buddies. It’s easy to see why, we’re both no-nonsense coaches that stick to the fundamentals of strength training, but more importantly, science. On top of that, we’ve both been through some life changing events at a young age, me with my heart, and Ben battling cancer. There’s a certain understanding that people who have been through that kind of thing have about how it changes your outlook on life. That’s why we’re both motivated to make a big impact in our respective communities.

I had a great time talking with Ben and helping him share his story, so take some time out of your day to watch. At worst you’ll be entertained, at best you’ll walk away with some new motivation and knowledge. If you like this video and want to see more like it, you can make a big impact by subscribing to our YouTube channel, sharing the video on Facebook, or leaving a comment on the video itself. Thanks so much for your support!




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