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Client Success Story: Meghan Harrah

Client Success Story: Meghan Harrah

December 15, 2021


Meghan Harrah is nothing short of an inspiration. She’s one of those people who goes out of her way to make everyone around her feel comfortable and taken care of. She’s also one of the most accomplished people you’ll ever meet.

Meghan started with us at Arkitect Fitness through our physical therapy program, Barbell Therapy and Performance. Meg was dealing with a series of issues with her wrists and ankles from the repetitive stress of her current and former careers.

As many people know, Meghan has a career as a hair stylist, a profession not uncommon for a woman in her 30s. But what many people don’t know is that this is Meghan’s 2nd career, as her first was serving in the US Military.

After being deployed in the Middle East, Meghan suffered a series of repetitive stress injuries that partially disabled her, but she didn’t once for a moment let that slow her down. As she looked for her next path in life, she landed on a career as a hair stylist to help her express her creative side. But in true Meghan fashion, she didn’t just follow the typical route. Meghan has a passion for both hair dressing and barbery.

Drawing on her experience in the mostly male dominated military, Meghan felt right at home with cutting men’s hair and the techniques that go along with it, while the salon side of things let her push her creative boundaries.
This unique blend of experience lead Meghan to open her own salon and barbershop hybrid, Eyeful Beauty in Lowell, MA.

As if Meghan didn’t have enough on her plate, her and her partner recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy into their family, which has now started a new chapter in Meghan’s life: Motherhood.
For us, Meghan is an inspiration, not because of her proud military service, her ability to overcome in the face of adversity, her keen business savvy, or her taking on the most difficult job in the world, being a mom, but because even with a more than full plate, Meghan always finds time to take care of herself, which is the real secret to her success.

At Arkitect Fitness every client gets their own workout program, tailored to their individual goals and needs. For someone like Meghan, our 24 hour access gym is a life saver as she can workout on her time, when it’s convenient for her. Going to a gym with a fixed class schedule would be nearly impossible, and going to a globo gym without any guidance would be a disaster for someone who is dealing with long lasting injury.

When you have a busy lifestyle, the last thing you want to worry about is figuring out what to do when you go to the gym, that’s why we make it easy and give every client a proven road map to success with our individual programs. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, overcome injuries, become a better athlete, etc…we can accommodate you and your goals, and Meghan is a testament to that.
Over the years, Meghan’s priorities have shifted, from being fit enough to fight bad guys overseas, to being able to work long hours in her business, to now chasing after her kids and dealing with the challenges of a changing body due to pregnancy, we’re extremely proud to be able to help Meghan along her long and ever changing fitness journey.

If you’re looking for Gyms in Tyngsboro, MA then look no further. There simply isn’t anything like Arkitect Fitness in the modern fitness industry! We are the perfect blend of a traditional gym, group fitness and personal training, taking the best parts from each and ditching the rest!
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