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Food Friday: Chicken Sausage & Mashed Potatoes

Food Friday: Chicken Sausage & Mashed Potatoes

October 19, 2018



Last week we featured a delicious meal that featured well rounded macros and whole foods. The one draw back was the preparation time. Today we’re going to cover a macro-friendly meal that is



both simple and quick (10-15 minutes). While it does rely on some pre-prepared foods, the ingredients list is short, and they pack a punch when it comes to getting you to your goals. It’s not uncommon for our busy clients to eat very little throughout the day only to come home and still need a lot of calories to meet their goals.  In those situations this meal works great because it’s fast, and has a good balance of protein, carbs, and fats. Here’s what you’ll need

  • Al Fresco Chicken Sausages (Sweet Apple)
  • Simply Skinny Mashed Potatoes (Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper)
  • Stove Top and or Microwave


  • Preheat a frying pan or skillet to a low-medium heat (4 of 10 on our stove top)
  • Slice 1-3 sausages into pieces (0.25-0.5″ each)
  • Place sausage slices into pan and cook for 5-7 minutes, flip once and cook for another 5-7 minutes.
  • Microwave potatoes after you flip sausages.


For this particular meal, I had two sausages, and one cup of the potatoes. For even greater accuracy, weigh your sausages and potatoes, rather than counting the links, and using a measuring cup for the potato. As this meal was prepared the macros looked like this:

  • Protein: 34g (136 calories)
  • Carbs: 50g (200 calories)
  • Fats: 26g (234 calories)

For those of you on a tighter macro budget for carbs and fats, I would use the recommended serving size of half of a cup for the potatoes instead of a full cup. That will bring your carbs and fats down to 33 and 22.5 respectively, without damaging your proteins too much.

Tips & Tricks

There isn’t much too add to this one because it’s so simple. The sausage comes fully cooked, so really it’s a matter of heating it. You could microwave the sausage, but browning them in a pan definitely adds to both the texture and taste. Cooking the potatoes on a stove top doesn’t enhance the outcome, so you might as well save yourself the time and microwave them. A non-stick pan is ideal for the sausage, but you can get away with using a cast iron skillet even with out any oil to lubricate the surface, just make sure to move the sausage around a bit so they don’t stick to the bottom. They will brown much faster in a skillet than a regular non-stick. Whichever way you decide to make it. It’s a quick and filling meal!


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