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Client Awesomeness 11/28/16

Client Awesomeness 11/28/16

November 28, 2016

Client Awesomeness | News

Despite the short week due to the Holiday, our members kicked @$$ all week! Let’s take a look:

Shannon set a nice PR for herself for a set of 10 in the deadlift with this 105kg(231lbs) lift. If you think a set of 10 on deadlift is torture, consider the fact that she is super setting them with push-ups!


At Arkitect we are all about lifting each other up. Renee earned herself a free massage from Intuitive Touch for highlighting Julie’s accomplishments in the gym.


Anik set a huge 13kg PR in the deadlift with this 103kg(227lbs). After this we worked with her on her cleans, and they were very crisp! We’re confident you’ll be seeing some highlight videos of those in the near future.


Jonas hit a PR back squat of 190kg(418lbs), unfortunately we didn’t film it, and only got his next attempt at 195kg, which he missed.


Heidi hit a PR triple from the blocks with 47kg. This is up by 4kg from the previous week, where she went for 45, but only made the first two. Snatching from blocks are great for improving speed, and training getting under the bar.


Carly upped her 10RMs on deadlifts and squats by hitting 125kg(275lbs) and 115kg(253lbs) respectively. However, she proved that they don’t teach math in New Zealand, as she actually did 11 on her set of squats!


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