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The Empowerment Project

The Empowerment Project

October 6, 2019

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The year Arkitect Fitness opened, rising MMA star Ronda Rousey was all the rage. At the time she was possibly the most popular female athlete in the world. In an interview when asked to comment about those who say her physique is too muscular she said that she wasn’t a “Do nothing b**tch.” You can watch the segment below. WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE.


The video went viral, and all over the world women were using the term on social media. The only problem was, most of the photos that people posted with the hashtag #notadnb were mostly of women….well, of women doing nothing. This inspired me to write our most popular (and controversial) article to date. I received e-mails about the article, both praising my take on it, as well as quite a bit of hate mail.

The fitness industry has almost always been dominated by aesthetics. In other words, how people look. There’s certainly nothing wrong with being proud of your physique, but most of the professional photos you see related to fitness are of professional models who have dieted down for a specific photo shoot, and have been highly retouched with post production tools like Adobe Photoshop. In other words, people who don’t like the majority of those who are members of our gym (or most gyms for that matter). Since most small boutique gyms, like Arkitect, don’t have the budget or skills to produce professional images of their own members, they often resort to stock photography for the images on their website and in their marketing.  Fortunately I do.

What is the Empowerment Project?

The Empowerment project is a concept I came up with as I began to hone my photography skills. What if we created professional photos with real people doing real exercises that make them feel badass, strong and empowered? The idea is simple, you pick 1-2 exercises that make you feel like a boss and I’ll take professional photos of you doing it. No heavy editing to your photos, no manipulating the picture until the person on the screen no longer looks like the person in real life. We’ll get some great photos to use in our marketing to show potential clients that we are a real gym with real people. You’ll get some badass photos of yourself, doing something that makes you feel good.

When Can I Have my Pictures Taken?

We’re taking appointments all through October. The appointment is necessary because there is a lot of equipment necessary to facilitate the photo session, but we can be flexible with the appointment times, but if you’re interested, don’t wait on scheduling an appointment as space and time is limited! Contact me at to schedule a time!

Who can have their pictures taken?

We are opening this up to anyone! We are  prioritizing our members over non members, and there will be some requirements for non members (like giving us a shout out on social media), but we are happy to have you in our facility for the this project even if you aren’t a member


We are only doing this for the month of October, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate. Message me right away!


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