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November 2, 2020



At Arkitect Fitness, we serve a wide variety of clients all with various goals, but because we believe in focusing on the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition, our clients usually experience tangential benefits from the training and education we provide. In the case of Jen, when she joined, she told us her primary goals were to get fit enough to be able to better enjoy the long hikes she does and improve her mobility. No where did she specifically mention weight loss, yet here she is, down an incredible 30+lbs, and feeling better than ever. So how did she do it? Jen uses the Arkitect 5-Step process to achieving her goals. Let’s break it down.

Happy November. Here are your monthly updates!
Total check-ins for November: 546
Mon, Wed, Fri, Thu, Tue, Sat, Sun
6-7am, 4-5pm
October winner: Patrick Richardson! Congrats you won a free 30 minute massage with Jamie Pica or you can get 50% off of an hour!
November Challenge: MB Throw. We will be posting a video later today!
We’ve added a “Viking handle” attachment for the landmine. These can be used for dozens of exercises, but will make your two hand pressing much more comfortable!
We have two schedule updates for you. The first is an immediate change to our regular schedule which is bringing M-TH evening from 8pm back to 7:30. Moving from 7-8 was a recent change we added, but the last two months have been very low for check-ins between 7-8. We will revisit this after the first of the year.
Thanksgiving schedule: We will have normal hours through the AM coaching time on Wednesday 11/25. We will NOT have coaching that Wednesday afternoon through Sunday 11/29. We will return to our normal coaching hours on Monday 11/30.
Don’t forget all of our members currently can gift ONE FREE MONTH to any friend or family member (no current or previous members please). You’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free month if you refer someone! Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!
Keep your eyes peeled for details on our 4th annual food and clothing drive. We’ll be announcing more information this week.
Lastly, don’t forget we are currently doing “empowerment project 2.0” this year on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings. Be sure to message me to schedule your time!
In case you forgot, voting happens tomorrow. If you live in Concord/District B please consider casting a vote for Arkitect Fitness member Jonathan Weinberg. Jonathan is running for school board. Remember school board is a non-partisan position, and is extremely important to the members of the Concord community.
I think that’s it for now. See everyone soon!
*if you’re looking for gyms in concord and you’re not a member, give us a call! We’d be happy to show you how we’re different! Whether you’re looking for personal training, weight loss specific programs, Powerlifting or sports performance, we’ve got you covered!