Monday Motivation 6/19/17

Monday Motivation 6/19/17

June 19, 2017

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Arkitect Fitness, and despite the heat our attendance has been hitting record highs! Check out our client’s awesomeness below! 

Renee shows off a bit of flexibility with these “pancake good mornings.” She had knee surgery last year so we’ve had a lot of fun trying to find new and safe ways to challenge her. She’s made some incredible progress!


Big Max shows off some of the strength he’s made since starting with us, hitting an easy set of 5 on these 15kg dips.


Sam and Matt show that fitness can be fun with a little interspousal competition.


Young Patrick has a break through moment hitting this life time PR deadlift of 145kg. This was just as much mental as it was physical as he broke his pelvis in a motorcycle accident last year.


Handsome Rob shows off his hardware, a silver medal, from the USA Volleyball US Open Championships. Rob’s team made it all the way to the final and fought hard to the end!


Evan hit this big front squat PR just days before his first ever Weightlifting competition!


Ashley finally broke through a plateau and hit clean & jerks at 48, 50, and 52kgs!


Meghan and Sarah were jealous of Ashley’s progress so they both joined in on the fun of C&J prs!


That’s it for today. Check back soon for more


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