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Monday Motivation 1/30/17

Monday Motivation 1/30/17

January 30, 2017

Client Awesomeness


The last few days of January are here. Have you kick started your new year resolutions yet? If you need a little motivation, here it is!


Coach Katie has been dieting down for a photo shoot this coming weekend, so it’s been nothing short of impressive watching her continue to make strength gains while on restricted calories. Here she is with a nice 127kg(279lb) deadlift for three reps!


Having gone over Steph’s 2016 goals sheet, we decided to go thru the list and see what we could scratch off. Turns out we could cross off everything on the list! Here are some of the highlights!


Melissa has been getting after it in the gym, and it shows with this nice military press PR at 35kg(77lbs)


Although a rotating nurse’s schedule can make it tough to train, things are finally starting to click with Ashley. Like a lot of the former CrossFitters we work with, she had trouble getting under the bar on her cleans and snatches, but here she is with a nice clean PR of 54kg(119lbs).


Another former CrossFitter, Sarah, continues to make steady progress in her snatch. Check out this gutsy 54kg PR.


Mackenzie’s progress continues to trend upward steadily as she cuts weight for the new 90kg class. Here she is squatting 130kg(286lbs) for 10 reps.


Cassandra’s gains continue, here she is with 5 rep PRs in the squat at 90kg(198lbs), and bench press with 50kg(110lbs)!


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