Monday Motivation 1/23/17

Monday Motivation 1/23/17

January 23, 2017

Client Awesomeness


Need a little pick me up? Check out this last week of Arkitect clients kicking butt!

One of Steph’s goals for 2016 was to be able to do a single chin-up or pull-up. Well here she is doing 5. It’s safe to say she met her goals, and we’re excited to see how many more she’ll add in 2017.


Heather hit an all time best on bench press for a set of 10 with 32kg(70lbs)


Evan may have shipped out to Air Force bootcamp, but he worked hard right up until the end. Here he is hitting a set of 3 chin-ups with 25kg(55lbs) strapped to him!


Coach Kenz started a new training phase, and we’re focusing on hypertrophy. Here she is with a PR set of ten on squats at 125kg(275lbs).


Laura was jealous of everyone else’s chin-up gains, so she had to get in on the fun and did this nice set of 8!


Dr. Brett Scott


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