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Client Awesomeness 12/19/16

Client Awesomeness 12/19/16

December 19, 2016



We haven’t made an update recently because we’ve been so busy coaching all of our awesome clients! Here is a recap of all the amazing things happening in the gym lately!

These three ladies tested Grace’s theory that you cannot skip without smiling. I think the case is definitely closed on this one!

On top of theorizing the source of ultimate happiness, Grace has been putting in work at the gym. Here she is hitting a really easy personal best in the bench press with 45kg(99lbs)


Fitness can be a family affair, and Grace’s brothers Evan and Liam have been putting in work too. Evan hit a nice PR power clean + clean combo with 116kg(255lbs), while Liam hit a new personal best in the bench press (trying to stay ahead of Grace), with 80kg(176lbs)


Katie, Amanda, and Heather were kind enough to be our guinnea pigs this week as we brainstormed new exercises. Bands offer a nice way to add resistance to body weight exercises that are normally difficult, or uncomfortable to weight. Katie tried a new twist on a classic ab exercise.


They say necessity is the mother of all invention. Handsome Rob proved this to be the case as he demonstrated a skill he picked up while taking advantage of our 24/7 access for members…


Many people think we’re a “Weightlifting gym,” even though only a small portion of our members are competitive Weightlifters (about 10%). On his way out the other day, Tommy noted someone’s very small shoe, and we thought this was a great opportunity to show that we have people of all different shapes and sizes training here!


Cassandra had a great week last week, hitting a nice personal best in the back squat with 102kg(224lbs). Her training is focused on a show she’s doing in the spring, but for now, she’s getting strong as heck!


Eric also had a great week last week setting a few personal bests, here he is with an all time best bench press of 115kg(253lbs)


Mackenzie had two of the best weeks of her athletic career hitting so many HUGE personal bests, including a 178kg(392lb) squat, 110kg(242lb) snatch balance, 97kg(213lb) snatch, 212kg(466lb) total, as well as a competition PR snatch of 96kg, which won her the silver medal in the snatch at the 2016 American Open!


Mackenzie wasn’t the only member of the Weightlifting team to have a great couple of weeks though. Steph hit a personal best clean and snatch with 62kg and 49kg respectively. Heidi hit a huge triple from the blocks in the snatch with 52kg, which led to a personal best snatch from the floor with 55kg. Jonas hit a seasonal best clean with a narrow miss on the jerk at 140kg(308lbs). Laura hit a new personal best bench press with 54kg(119lbs), and snatch with 60kg(132lbs).


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