Client Awesomeness 11/7/16

Client Awesomeness 11/7/16

November 7, 2016

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Another great week in the books for Arkitect Fitness and its members! We’ll start out by acknowledging that two of our awesome members Caitlyn Shea and Lauren Hatch played their hearts out in the division 1 finals of Volleyball against Hollis-Brookline. The Concord high team took an early lead in the first game, but ending up losing in 4. Despite the loss the entire Arkitect Fitness community was super proud of their work ethic, and their sportsmanship. Lauren Hatch also received the prestigious “Player of the Year” award after a dominating year of performance.

Kelsey has begun training for the D10 Decathlon in July. A charity event, the decathlon is comprised of football combine drills, traditional decathlon events, and a few extra things thrown in for fun, the event poses 10 different challenges for athletes that test speed, strength, and endurance. This past week was spent gaining a baseline so we can track her progress over the next 9 months. If you would like to join her in training, we are looking to build a whole team of competitors for the event!

This past week Lisa got be our guinea pig on a new idea we had for a slam variation, the “halo slam.” It’s good to see her back in the gym and 100% and can’t wait to see the progress she’ll make!

Last year Renee had surgery on her knee, and the surgeons told her she would never play volleyball again. She’s a fighter, and neither her nor us were going to take that for an answer. We came up with a gameplan to get her back on the court, which mainly meant creating stability via hamstring strength. That means we have to continually get creative with how to train her hamstrings. Thankfully she’s been patient with us while we’ve tried new things, and put her in ever more uncomfortable positions! Here she is doing som sumo good mornings.

Carly entered into her first Powerlifting meet and absolutely dominated. She broke the state record squat with 135ks(297lbs), which was a 4kg PR for her. She also tied the state record deadlift of 160kg. She NEARLY had 170kg on her last deadlift but couldn’t hold on to the bar at the very top. Had she made that lift, it would have broken the state record dead (by 10kg!), the state record total, qualified for nationals, and would have been a 14kg PR! Not a bad start for what looks like will be a successful career in the sport.

Mackenzie continues to make steady progress in almost all measures, which is difficult to do when you’re already an advanced athlete. This includes a personal best push press with 93kg(205lbs), which is a weight most women would love to be able to squat, nevermind put over their heads! She also set a personal record for a set of 3 in the front squat with 135kg(297lbs). We can remember when she hit that weight for 1, now she’s doing it for 3!

Ally, one of two team newbies continues to make gains. Like Kenz, also in squats and push presses. Here she is with 93kg(205lbs) for 10 reps and a push press of 65kg(143lbs)!


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