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Client Awesomeness 1/9/17

Client Awesomeness 1/9/17

January 9, 2017



Despite the holidays, December 2016 turned out to be one of our most highly attended months in Arkitect history! here’s a recap of the things that have been going on the last few weeks!

Some of our clients have been hitting the powerlifts hard, some for singles, other for reps. Below Cassandra sets a new personal best 1RM deadlift of 115kg(242lbs), and a PR set of 10 on deads with 85kg(187lbs)


Ashley hit a  bench press PRs with  47kg(103lbs)x5


That wasn’t all for Ashley though, she also had a new 3 rep pr on her front squat with 63kg(139lbs)


Liam proved that he may be the youngest of the Devanny boys, but he could be the strongest, hitting 125kg(275lbs)x10 on deadlifts!


Speaking of deadlifts, Angie hit a really nice PR on the trap bar with 93kg(205lbs)!


Amanda tried maxing on the first time on her military press, and hit a very respectable 28kg(62lbs)!


In the next video you’ll see Melissa hitting 6 out of 7 unassisted push-ups. She couldn’t do one when she started with us…then the next workout, she did 10!


Heidi hit a new PR back squat of 109kg(240lbs)


Ally was tricked into doing 11 reps on front squat with 70kg(154lbs). She also hit a PR set of 10 on bench press with 45kg(99lbs)


Laura hit a brilliant pr double in the jerk with 72kg(158lbs)


Steph’s gain train continued with this PR clean & jerk at 60kg(132lbs)


Carly hit a huge 5 rep PR in the squat with 125kg(275lbs)


And last but certainly not least, Sarah had a nice seasonal PR snatch with 53kg(117lbs).


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