Challenge of The Month: March 2019

Challenge of The Month: March 2019

March 1, 2019



We are impressed with the amount of attempts we had for last month’s challenge, as well as the weights many of you put up. Nice work!

March is officially here, so we would like to announce our new challenge for this month. But first, a rundown of the rules. If you are already familiar, you can scroll to the bottom for the details on the March Challenge.

Each month we will be picking a new feat of physical performance to challenge our members, as well as non members, to compete in. We will be doing our best to program challenges that offer significant difficulty but are also scaleable to all ability levels.

These challenges are not just for athletes, and there is no minimum requirement to participate. Many of the challenges will be judged based on a percentage of your body weight or by offering different loading parameters for men and women. The goal being to make each challenge as fair as possible when it comes to judging and competition. That being said, video evidence needs to be provided or we unfortunately cannot count it as an official entry.

So What Will You Win?!

We will also be offering prizes for the participants of each challenge. At the end of the month we will announce the winner via social media, as well as raffle off prizes for all of those who entered.

Just by participating in the challenge you will be eligible to win up to $159 worth of prizes, which are as follows:


All members who enter in the challenge will be entered into a raffle to win $20 off of their membership next month.

Non Members:

All non members who participate in the challenge will be entered into a raffle to win either a free personal training session or their first month free when signing up for a membership at Arkitect Fitness. These are valued from $50 up to $159 respectively.

The rules for the March Challenge are as stated:

-Ride your assault bike into battle for 3 minutes

-Slay as many calories as you can in 3 minutes.

-If you do this off site or without a coach present you MUST record it and take a picture of the final screen.


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