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4 Ways To Help A Small Business Out (3 of them are free!)

It is now more apparent than ever how important small businesses are to not just our local communities, but to our nation's economy as a whole. While all of us like to do our best in supporting small businesses, independently owned local companies often lose out to big corporations because they simply cannot match the [...]

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Arkitect Quarantine Kit

Right now most of us are struggling with the new "norm" of working from home, not working at all, or having a significantly altered schedule. The internet is abound with funny videos, endless memes, and a plethora of posts making light of the fact that a good majority of us are eating our stress, and [...]

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Monday Motivation 1/23/17

Need a little pick me up? Check out this last week of Arkitect clients kicking butt! One of Steph's goals for 2016 was to be able to do a single chin-up or pull-up. Well here she is doing 5. It's safe to say she met her goals, and we're excited to see how many more [...]

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