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AF News: July 2020!

Well we've somehow all managed to make it to July 2020! Things are back in near-full swing at the gym, and it's been really great seeing all of our awesome members again! We've got a lot of things to up date you on for July. Check it out! Expanded Coaching Hours! As promised, we've continually [...]

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4 Ways To Help A Small Business Out (3 of them are free!)

It is now more apparent than ever how important small businesses are to not just our local communities, but to our nation's economy as a whole. While all of us like to do our best in supporting small businesses, independently owned local companies often lose out to big corporations because they simply cannot match the [...]

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Arkitect Fitness is Reopening June 1st!

We are all very excited to be getting back to the gym. Currently we still have some restrictions in place from the state on how we are allowed to operate. In this article we will be covering the current (and hopefully temporary) procedures, what steps we are taking to help keep our members safe, and [...]

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Staying Active at Home –

Right now the world is doing its best to adjust to a new "normal." One of the biggest challenges for many people is trying to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, as most if not all gyms are currently closed. If you're an at home DVD workout type anyway, your fitness routine hasn't changed much, [...]

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Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine? | Fitness Myth Monday

Sugar. The White Devil. You've probably heard a lot recently about how bad sugar is for you. It's the one true culprit behind America's obesity epidemic. It's being secretly hidden in all of your food, because big pharma wants you to be sick, unhealthy, and overweight, so you'll buy more drugs to treat your ailments. It's [...]

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Arkitect Quarantine Kit

Right now most of us are struggling with the new "norm" of working from home, not working at all, or having a significantly altered schedule. The internet is abound with funny videos, endless memes, and a plethora of posts making light of the fact that a good majority of us are eating our stress, and [...]

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Fear & Gratitude | Mindset Monday

Have you ever seen the dozens of large sprawling banners for a single product or brand at a sporting event? It's common in football, baseball, racing, etc... It will be a single logo displayed over and over and over again in a row. Have you ever wondered why companies spend so much money to take up [...]

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How to Stay Healthy Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic and Quarantine

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor nor an infectious disease specialist. During a pandemic like the one we are experiencing right now, it is important to get all official guidelines directly pertaining to the pandemic from legitimate sources like the Center for Disease Control  (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). What we will cover [...]

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3 Reasons Why You’re Out of Shape and Over Weight

Recently we've decided to do some remodeling around the gym. One of our latest projects is rearranging our "locker room" area, which serves as a place for clients to leave their gym bags during training, their workout programs when they're not at the gym, and of course a pair of dedicated gym shoes. Naturally things [...]

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Why You Should Take My Advice

The internet is an endless sea of information. While it can be a fantastic resource, many people lack the proper tools to discern the good from the bad. Even those who have managed to maintain a lean physique, and "healthy lifestyle" may not fully understand truly why or how they've been able to do it. When someone gives [...]

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