Right now most of us are struggling with the new “norm” of working from home, not working at all, or having a significantly altered schedule. The internet is abound with funny videos, endless memes, and a plethora of posts making light of the fact that a good majority of us are eating our stress, and failing to find any sense of motivation. With that we’ve decided to put together a “quarantine kit” to help get you through these tough times.

Arkitect Daily Calendar

One of the best ways to keep yourself on track is by creating a schedule for yourself. We’ve seen quite a few pre-made schedules floating around, but everyone’s life is different, so we thought we’d give you a blank slate to work from. We’ve included some suggestions at the bottom to get you started on scheduling your day. This is a fillable PDF so you can type up your schedule or you can print out a copy and hand write in your to-dos. Click here to download your copy.

One thing that will help you accomplish tasks is by blocking off a specific time for them ahead of time. If you don’t do this, you’ll continue putting them off because you can do them “whenever” and then the end of the day will roll around and you won’t feel like doing it. Consider putting things like exercise earlier on in the day. If you start your day in a productive way you can carry that momentum through to the afternoon and evening.

Speaking of working out…

Virtual Gym Membership

Now that NH has officially been issued a “stay-at-home” order, the gym will no longer be accessible to members until May 4th. For those who wish to maintain your membership in virtual form, you can receive custom at home workout programs based specifically on the equipment you have (or completely body weight if no equipment is available).

The virtual membership also includes video review of your training programs, and weekly check-ins with your coaches.

If you are interested in supporting the gym and maintaining a more personalized coaching experience, please e-mail me, [email protected]

Arkitect at Home Workout – No equipment needed

This is a twice a week workout requires absolutely no equipment. Download the spreadsheet here, complete with video demonstrations of each exercise!

Click here to download

Live Stream “Group” Workouts

Coach Anna has been doing a great job leading live streaming workouts that require little to no equipment. These are more circuit based, interval training style workouts. We’ve been streaming those within our private FB group. If you are a member of AF but do not have FB, please contact me and I can send you replays of the workouts to do at your convenience!

Pick ONE goal for the quarantine…how about mastering push-ups?

While the body weight program above is great for keeping you moving, it’s tough to create a fleshed out program when writing something that anyone can do anywhere. If you are interested in improving your push-up game, and I’m talking like being able to do 5-10 (or more) solid, full push-ups, then I’ve got just the thing for you.

Like with any goal, you test, train, re-test. So I want to know not just how many push-ups you can do now, but also how good your technique is. So to get your hands on our quarantine push-up program, take a video of doing 1 set of as many push-ups as you can, and post it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #AFpushups and #bestgyminNH. Tag us and we will direct message you a video and program that will make you a push-up ace.

Arkitect Fitness Book Club

For those of you who like to read, we’ve started a book club, and of course the topic is going to be health and fitness related. We will be reading Diet Cults by Mathew Fitzgerald. We will be running the book club via a Facebook Group, and AF Member Bekah Joseph will be taking the reigns on this project.

Diet Cults is one of my absolute favorite books on nutrition (save for the last chapter of the book), and I’ve read dozens if not hundreds of nutrition related books over the years. If you’re worried about the book being boring and too-sciencey, fear not, it’s a very entertaining read.

You can also “borrow” an e-book copy here.

Exercise Video Library

A while back we filmed over 2,000 exercises for our members to use in house if they attended the gym during unstaffed hours. We never hosted all the videos online, and we’ve had it on our to-do list to update the library now that we have better equipment, more diverse exercise menus, and just more up to date production. We have filmed some new videos, and we’ve begun uploading them to our YouTube channel. One of our big goals during this “down time” is to work on this project. You can find what we have already uploaded here.

Make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit the “bell” button so you get notified when we post new videos. We are currently prioritizing body weight and dumbbell exercises, as that is what most people have at home.


  1. Are you tracking your macros? We recommend Avatar Nutrition to help you stay on track. Right now they’re offering 50% off the normal price, AND you can use discount code KODDY at checkout to get an additional 10% off.
  2. We are offering FREE 30 minute nutrition consultations for members during this time.
    1. Get started with tracking macros/learning the basics
    2. Discuss your roadblocks and how to overcome them
    3. Come up with strategies to keep you on track during the quarantine

E-mail me: [email protected] to schedule your time.




Let’s be honest, even the most motivated of us won’t be productive all the time, and we’ll need some down time to entertain ourselves and relax. For avid readers, Archive.org has announced a National Emergency Library where you can “borrow” e-books for up to 14 days. For more information about that click here.

I’d also highly recommend reading Mr. Weightlifting by Richard Bak. It’s the biography of former Olympian Norbert Schemansky, who is one of my all time favorite athletes. I have express written consent by the author to distribute this e-book, as physical copies are no longer in print and they cost about $250 online. You can download your digital copy here.


YouTube can be a massive time waster, or it can be a great source of education and entertainment. Here are some of my favorite YouTube channels

  • Shredded Sports Science
    • This channel is mostly commentary on fitness trends with a some training science added in. He tackles a lot of the “fitness influencers” and calls them on their BS.
  • Jeff Nippard
    • Jeff is a natural Bodybuilder and Competitive Powerlifter. Not only does he walk the walk, but he also uses the latest science to back it up. His videos are well produced and informative.
  • Biolayne
    • Layne Norton is a PhD in nutritional science, a natural Bodybuilder and competitive Powerlifter. On his channel he tackles trending controversial topics like veganism, various supplements and more.
  • Arkitect Fitness
    • If you’re newer to AF, you may not have seen the fairly large library of videos we’ve put out over the years. We mostly talk about mindset and nutrition, with the occasional training video thrown in as well.

Television and Documentary

  • Netflix
    • 100 Humans
      • A fun and entertaining show where researchers take 100 people (meant to be a representation of the general population) and put them through a series of test.
      • Some health and fitness related topics, some not
    • The Mind, Explained
        • Narrated by Emma Stone
        • Discusses how the human mind works!
  • Amazon
    • Bigger, Stronger, Faster
      • Takes a deep dive into the world of steroids
    • American Weightlifting
      • A documentary about the relatively obscure sport of Weightlifting
      • Covers many people we’ve rubbed elbows with at national competitions!


This is far from a comprehensive list, just what I’ve seen around/places that I frequent. If I have time I will put together a comprehensive list for the greater Concord area.


  • 603 Brewery
    • Great food hand crafted by one of our members, Keith Girard!
  • Georgia’s Northside in Concord
  • Alan’s of Boscawen 
    • They catered our holiday party
  • Johnson’s Seafood in Northwood
    • They also have prepackaged/marinated steak tips to go.
  • Manchester Ink Link has put together a list of restaurants in the Manchester area that are still offering take out. You can find the list here.

If you know of others please e-mail me at [email protected] so I can add to the list. Thank you!